• A British designer Shamees Aden has realized his Wolverine dreams in a shoe, as he's formulated a concept of 3D-printed trainers that can repair themselves overnight. The shoes are made from protocells, and could be 3D-printed as per the wearer's foot size, and it fits as if a second skin. The shoes sense pressure and movement, and adjust themselves by inflating where extra cushioning is needed and deflating where it's not required. Once the dream run is over, the shoes shall be kept in jars filled with protocell fluid to keep the living organisms healthy.


    Aden developed the project in collaboration with Dr Martin Hanczyc, a professor at the University of Southern Denmark who specializes in protocell technology.Aden maintains that the wearer shall have to treat these shoes as if it's a plant, and should ensure that they have enough natural resources to replenish and rejuvenate the cells. Protocells are extremely basic molecules and are not alive themselves, but they can be combined with other substances to create living organisms.

    For this project, Aden collaborated with Dr Martin Hanczyc of the University of Southern Denmark, who specializes in protocell technology. The basic aim of this project was to make many people aware of protocell potentials. Aden on her website states- "Encouraging the emergence of life from lifeless liquid chemicals manufactured artificially in the laboratory could provide us the building blocks to create a new man-made nature." She believes that the concept of protocell shoes could be a realized by 2050.
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