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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Oct 18, 2016

16th October Sunday Quiz Questions + Correct Answers

1. Who invented this device?

Correct Answer: Evangelista Torricell
Explanation: The image is that of a barometer.

2. What do these 4 hints relate to the most?

Correct Answer: Trans-Siberian Railway
Explanation: Trans-Siberian Railway - Wikipedia

3. In chemical engineering, what does pH stand for?
Correct Answer: The power of hydrogen

4. Name the person corresponding to this hint:

Correct Answer: Elon Musk
Explanation: He is the founder of Paypal (logo) and the company named Tesla (the famous scientist).

5. The first Indian railway was laid in ________.
Correct Answer: 1853

6. The movie 'The Imitation Game' was based on the life of which famous scientist?
Correct Answer: Alan Turing

7. If the voltage in the given circuit was cut in half, what would the current equal?
Correct Answer: 30 mA

9. With which aerospace manufacturer did Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) sign a framework agreement to collaborate in aerospace and defence manufacturing and potential integrated systems?
Correct Answer: Boeing
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9. Which oil and lubricant company’s logo is titled “Orange Disc”?
Correct Answer: Gulf Oil

10. What is the name of the company this guy built?
Correct Answer: InMobi

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