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By - Bruce Wathan • 1 year ago • 36.3k views

I've resigned from my job and the next Friday will be may last working day with my employer. Stumbled upon last working day email thread but need suggestions for the subject line to say goodbye to my colleagues.

Hope to receive some good suggestions. Thank you!


  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh Katdare

    Hey Bruce, congratulations on your new job. Hope you found the thread useful.

    Here are last working day email subject lines you can use -

    1. Adios! It's time to say bye!
    2. Thank you, it's time to say goodbye
    3. Farewell! It was so good working with you
    4. My final hurrah. Last day at [company name]
    5. I had the time of my life. Goodbye!
    6. Last chance to catch me in my cubicle
    7. Thank you [company name].
    8. My wonderful journey with [company name] comes to an end
    9. Time to say good bye. It's my last day at [company name]
    10. No more timesheets for me @ [company name]
    11. Last page of my book at [company name]
    12. It's my last day at [company name]. Good bye!

    Funny last working day subject lines

    You definitely want to make your goodbye email at work memorable. Why not infuse it with some humour? People don't like reading serious emails and definitely not your 'thanks' to everyone. Try these, if you really want to -

    1. Adios, [Company Name]! (But only for now)
    2. Goodbye, [Company Name] - It's been weird
    3. [Employee Name] is outta here! (Finally)
    4. [Company Name], it's not me, it's you (on my last day)
    5. [Employee Name] is retiring from [Company Name] (kinda)
    6. The end of [Employee Name]'s sentence at [Company Name]
    7. [Company Name], it's been real (but it's time for a change)
    8. [Employee Name]'s last day at [Company Name] - party time!
    9. Goodbye [Company Name], it's been emotional (not really)
    10. [Employee Name]'s final farewell to [Company Name] (or so they say)

    Just make sure to match the tone of your email body with the subject line that you choose. That will make people smile and respond to you.

    Here's one more template you may copy -

    Dear [insert your name, sparky],
    Well folks, the moment has come. After spending countless (well, X years, Y months and days to be precise) and drinking a bajillion cups of coffee, I've decided to say goodbye to [company name].
    Before tears start rolling out of your eyes, I assure you that it's not a permanent goodbye. I'll be around, just not in the cubicle you always found me at. I'm always open to receiving funny cat videos, good morning messages and an occasional  "Hi!" from you.
    I've a few chocolates at my cubicle to celebrate my last day at [company name]. Grab 'em while they last. 
    See you soon!

    Hope this helps.

  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh Katdare

    Here are a few more, I could think of. Feel free to copy and modify them to add your name or anything relevant.

    Email subjects for an emotional goodbye to colleagues on last working day

    • "Farewell and Thank You!"
    • "Goodbye and Best Wishes"
    • "Last Day at the Office"
    • "Moving On to New Adventures"
    • "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish"
    • "Signing Off from My Last Day at Work"
    • "It's Been a Great Ride, Thank You All"
    • "Final Farewell and Gratitude"
    • "Au Revoir and Best of Luck"
    • "Time to Say Goodbye - Last Day Here"

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