• The entire world got introduced to a new term a few months ago; and it's already changed the way we work. The term is LLM aka Large Language Models.

    OpenAI, with its ChatGPT is already dominating the game and it's threatened the search monopoly that Google's held for large part of the 21st century.

    But not many know that the core technology that ChatGPT uses was actually developed by Google and open sourced a few years ago. Now Google wants to reclaim its dominance in AI world and has tasked Demis Hassabis (CEO, Google DeepMind) to accelerate Google's effort in that direction.

    Back in 2016, Google's AI program called AlphaGo, developed by DeepMind's engineers made history by defeating a world-champion player of the board game "Go". Hassabis, who founded DeepMind says that their upcoming AI system Gemini will be more capable than OpenAI's ChatGPT.

    The Gemini is still under development and expected to be ready over the next few months. Hassabis is confident that Gemini will combine the techniques that AlphaGo used combined with LLM training to build a system better than ChatGPT.

    Both OpenAI (with investment from Microsoft) and Google have deep pockets to train their algorithms on latest hardware. These projects cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Google's being extra cautious this time because it rushed out its own Chatbot called 'Bard' and it failed miserably.

    It'd be interesting to see how these programs develop. A few influential AI insiders have called for a pause on the development of more powerful algorithms to avoid creating a monster that ultimately threatens human race.

    I'd like to know from our fellow CEans what they think about the AI race. Is this going to benefit humans or destroy them?

    Whatever is the outcome, which company will lead the race? Let me know in comments below.

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