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Nowadays, the term shopping has been redefined. You don't have to be at a mall or a store to do shopping. If you have access to the internet, shopping can be finished in a matter of minutes. Thanks to e-commerce. Surely e-commerce is the next big thing. Everyone is aware of it and people are...
This happened in my engineering college. Did it happen in yours?
Everyone has a set of friends who do this! If you do, share this with them, yo! :)
The thought that people could utilize the 'spark' within them in such a unique fashion, is quite refreshing. At the Maker Faire Africa, Lagos, a Nigerian group of teenage girls- Duro Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola,...
Absolute Zero: The moments of irony in an engineering college. Another one of those delicious moments -
Latest edition of Absolute Zero Engineering Comics - Going from low, lower to the lowest! Check -
And before you Apple fans outrage at this... Like Anand Ramachandran, one of India's finest satirists once said - "Dear Apple fans, we're not making fun of Apple - we're making fun of YOU!" ;)
Absolute Zero's humorous twist : How to go from bad to worse to worst in an interview!"
This style of drawing is a tribute to xkcd. You all know what that site is about :)