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How about a funny coffee??

<p>How about a funny coffee??</p>

By - Sreedevi • 3 days ago • 4.5k views

Harsha P J - iRepair

We shared a passion for Apple Devices and were driven by the need to provide a quality of service that was unheard of in this field.

Harsha P J

@thebigk | 3.6k views

I decided to give Chat GPT-5 a try today. Learned that it's only available to the ChatGPT Plus Subscribers. The service that costs $20/month.

Unfortunately, my credit card was...


hello, i want to detect the status of process running in the system using visual c++. i have visual studio 2008 in windows 7 rc. i have the basic knowledge...

The ultimate savior!

<p>The ultimate savior!</p>

By - Sanjana • 4 days ago • 3.6k views

Shikhar Saxena - Zaffingo

If you're willing to start-up, tell it to yourself loud and clear that you want to do it and don't look back.

Shikhar Saxena


Hello mam, I am a final year chemical engg student. Just wanted to know how cad designing would be beneficial as i wanted to go for designing, since i am...
Summary of What's New in Chat GPT - 4

Kaustubh • 5 days ago • 3.6k views

OpenAI announced ChatGPT-4 a few hours ago. Here's a summary of what's new in ChatGPT - 4

  1. ChatGPT-4 Understands Images : It can extract relevant information from images.

  2. ** Smarter ** : You can't easily trick it. It's more factual and trained on several malicious prompts.

  3. 32,768 Tokens: It can remember more tokens (~50 pages of text), which would help keep the context.

  4. 26 Languages: It now understands 26 languages for input and output.

  5. Multiple Personalities : Can respond as different personalities. The GPT-3.5 only had one, default personality.

Any coders here!!

<p>Any coders here!!</p>

By - Sreedevi • 5 days ago • 5k views

Atit Jain - Gigstart

I treat any setback like a course correction.

Atit Jain


In short time and with great determination, can we increase our aptitude skills? If so..,suggest some measures? It would be better if the suggestion is very clear not just stating...

@Hussanal Faroke

hello, i am Faroke from india, Studying for B.Tech CSE. I want a seminar to present in my college. If u have any topic( mainly on advanced features in C),...

This feeling cannot be explained!

<p>This feeling cannot be explained!</p>

By - Sanjana • 6 days ago • 3.7k views

Rishabh Gupta - MyAdvo

Entrepreneurship is not about having the perfect plan; it's about iteration, learning and implementing things everyday.

Rishabh Gupta



By - Sreedevi • 1 week ago • 3.3k views