• Seavac Japan has been researching and developing new type of a coating technology to include the best of current coating technologies viz. TiN, Ti-Al and CrN. The result is ZERO-I, a new technology for coats that shows exceptional improvements in overall resistance to wear and heat. The new coat has the hardness of 3500 (Vickers Pyramid Number) and it can withstand temperatures up to 1000°C. The most conventional Ti-Al coats can resist temperatures only up to 900°C. The ZERO-I coating can be applied as a coating at 4 μm thickness. The properties of this coat allows it to be used in blank dies, warm and cold forging as well. Seavac proposes the use of ZERO-I coating in hot forging and press-dies.


    As of now, Seavac is processing at its three centers at Sendai, Amagasaki and Komaki. The company plans to expand its capabilities to its other centers in the coming days. Check out the video below.

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  • Ramani Aswath

    MemberApr 24, 2014

    Impressive. I see a huge potential in many fields. A good post that can trigger ideas. Thanks.
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