Your Favorite Subject: Most Commonly Asked Question In Interview

Typical fresh engineering graduate Interviews follow a pattern. I'm extending Kartik's post titled strategizing for interviews. In his posts, Kartik (KGV) talks about preparing well for your favorite topic in interview. I think it's very important that every engineer must prepare well to handle the question, "What's your favorite engineering subject?".

Let's first find out why is this question so important and why almost every interviewer will ask this question. Consider the typical IT recruitment in India. Interviewers have hundreds of candidates lined up and they have limited time. So evaluating so many candidates in a limited time is indeed a big challenge for campus recruiters. That's the reason, they'll stick to the most common questions and judge you by the way you answer. If you are appearing for campus interview in your college, there's a 99% chance that you'll face this question.


First step in preparing for this question is identifying your favorite topic. The chances are that you looked at all your engineering subjects as your enemies. But come on, there must have been at least ONE topic that you found interesting. Pick up that topic. When you are interested in something, it's very easier to understand it and get more information about it. If you are an electrical/electronics engineering student, Digital Circuits might be your favorite topic because it's very easy to understand. However, the easier your topic is, the more are the chances that your Interviewer will ask a 'tough' question about it. If you say 'programming' for the sake of 'impressing' the Interviewer, be prepared for the hara-kiri.The real message is, "Choose the topic you are really interested in."

Once you've chosen your favorite topic, you should now go about finding more information about it. There's plenty of information available about almost every topic on the Internet. Moreover, you have awesome #-Link-Snipped-# where thousands of engineers will help you for free, within minutes. I'd say dedicate a whole week just to prepare for your favorite topic! It's very important. If you're lucky the Interviewer may not know much about your favorite topic. Like when I was being interviewed for an IT company, I answered "Machine Design" as my favorite topic and the Interviewers didn't know a thing about it.

However, be alerted that if you can't answer even a simple question from your favorite topic, it'd go seriously against you. So make sure you're at least ready with the basic concepts of your favorite topic.

I hope this help. If you have questions, I'll answer them through comments below.


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