Your attempts at business: tell us your story!

Success / Failure doesn't matter: What matters is the lesson that you learn from your experience!

So, I hope we have CEans who have gotten their hands dirty with attempts at business. If you are successful - wow; if not - no worries, at least you tried!

So, do we have anyone to tell us his/her story? I believe it would inspire quite a lot of us.


  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak

    We already have the above thread. I narrated my story too.
  • gautamhegde
    Well, I'm not much of a story-teller but here goes anyway! After 15 years as an employee and I started a software company to produce software products for Construction Industry. Now its been about 9 years since starting up and here is what I think summarizes it:
    1. Its been a great adventure, believe me! And like all adventures it had its thrills and terrors. Thrill of the market accepting your creation..thrill of winning...its tremendous. Equally terrifying are the periods of financial anxiety when you have to think about making salaries with no payment in view!
    2. Its been very fulfilling in terms of self discovery. You are constantly confronted with your inadequacies and you need to grow your way out of them.
    3. Its very satisfying to see your team grow in terms of - skills, self belief, ability, maturity and as responsible human beings.

    I don't want to bore you guys with elaborations but for those of you who want to start-up...just do it! And for those who have started up and are going through a rough patch (recession et al)...remember its only temporary and you can make it! Keep the faith in yourselves brothers! And for the rest of you who are doing great - be kind!
    And to all, be good - we are going to have a splendid 2009...cheers!!!
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Welcome to CE, Gautam 😀 !

    Indeed an inspiring story! What were the things going on in your mind when you decided to quit your job? I bet it was a hard decision. How did you get started? Any interesting experience(s) to share from those days?

    I am sure lot of CEans will benefit from your experiences and advice!

    And for those who have started up and are going through a rough patch (recession et al)...remember its only temporary and you can make it! Keep the faith in yourselves brothers! And for the rest of you who are doing great - be kind!
    Super! 😁
  • gautamhegde
    Thank you!

    Well actually it wasn't too hard a decision to quit the job in 1999 and do a full time masters in IT. I knew that after putting in 15 years in the industry I could easily get a job again if I wanted. We also have to keep in mind that those were heady days for IT and the feeling then was that if you did not do something in IT you were missing out!
    The tough decisions were coming up in 2001-02 when the IT meltdown post 9/11 reached our shores and we did not know what to do. Should we stick it out re-examine the whole idea in light of 'external' circumstances? Do we have something to offer? Can we create it? Will it sell? Can we survive in the current business environment? Family and colleagues have placed their trust on you to do the right thing. What is the right thing to do?? Do we turn back to safe ports, disband and go our independent ways or do we continue to sail in face of stormy weather and in unfamiliar waters? Where are we going? For what? By the way do we have relevant experience? Have we ever done this kind of thing before? Then what makes us think that we can do it? Questions and more questions. That was crunch time for us.
    Finally, to cut a long story short, faith in ourselves combined with persistence and hard work, kindness and unbounded support of family and friends led to creation of fortuitous circumstances. Victory is always pleasant but the key is not to get complacent. Good times like bad times do not last forever. So give of yourself to others when you can for it is true that what goes around comes around. And whatever we face, we should know that this too shall pass. We keep moving on.
    Cheers and all the very best!!
  • sauravgoswami
    Thats nice to hear!!! We can learn a lot from and take guidance,if Mr Gautam Hegde permits,we can utilise their experience and knowledge!!!!

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