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friendster7 • Mar 31, 2008

Worlds Largest Cruise!, Bigger than Titanic!

Worlds Largest Passenger Cruise Ship - Royal Caribbean
"Freedom of the Seas"
M/S Freedom of the Seas is a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship. The world's largest passenger vessel, she can accommodate over 4,300 passengers on her fifteen passenger decks, served by over 1300 crew.

She is about 229 ft. longer, about 108,000 gross tons larger, and can accommodate 2,147 more passengers than RMS Titanic. Her operating costs are $1 million per day. Rooms for the maiden voyage were priced from $1,900 to $22,000 for the week. As routine service continues, starting room rates are expected to descend as low as $700 for cruises scheduled in the autumn of 2007. The ship consumes approximately 28,000 gallons of fuel per hour.

Facilities -

The ship features three swimming areas; an interactive water park, a dedicated adult pool and the main pool. There are 2 whirlpools cantilevered out from the ship's sides. The Royal Promenade sports a coffee shop, Sorrento's Pizzeria, a Ben and Jerry's ice-cream shop, Vintage's winery, the Bull and Bear Irish pub, and many Duty-free shops. The 13th deck features a sports area with amenities such as a rock climbing wall, the FlowRider (an onboard wave generator for surfing), a miniature golf course and a full size basketball court. Other items include an ice skating rink, a casino, a Johnny Rockets, Wi-Fi capabilities throughout the ship, flat panel televisions in all staterooms, and cell phone connectivity.
SHANON • Sep 19, 2008
Worlds Largest Cruise

Royal carribean's new boat is big. Really big. The "Project Genesis" cruise liner, currently being constructed, will be 43% larger than the Queen Mary II, currently the world's largest ship. 1,180 feet long and weighing 220,000 tons, it'll be able to carry more people from New Jersey down to the Caribbean than any ship before it.5,400 people, to be exact. The ship is so large that it has a "Central Park" the size of a football field in the middle, its own gigantic amphitheatre, and seven different "neighborhoods" that people will stay on. This thing is larger than an aircraft carrier, people. It's f'ing huge.
MaRo • Sep 19, 2008
- They've to increase boats

- A good captain

- & let the third class guys love the first class girls easily

We don't want another movie...
gohm • Sep 21, 2008
then there is the ship being proposed that you live on, now that one is big!
alextom • Feb 16, 2009
Cruise Line

My friends from Spain are spending two months with us. They want to get married and they want it to be as romantic as possible. Do you have any ideas?
gohm • Feb 16, 2009
I know it is off topic, so maybe start a seperate thread for this. It would help a lot if you mentioned where you live and what kind of budget they have.
kevin73 • Feb 21, 2009
Re: Cruise Line

My friends from Spain are spending two months with us. They want to get married and they want it to be as romantic as possible. Do you have any ideas?
Yes, they can have the most romantic and most memorable wedding they can ever imagine. They can get married on Cruiseone Lines which would cater to the couple and their guests with the most pleasing range of services and a delicious menu. Take a look at:

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