• Wordpress developers released the plan for WordPress 3.3. The expected launch date is proposed on November 15, 2011. The following is just the plan and it's not sure whether all of the features will be included in the final release. Here's an overview -

    1. New Media Uploader: Integrate Plupload into dashboard. (GSoC project).

    2. Welcome screen upon first install and after upgrade. The screen will display all the new changes in the new version.

    3. Admin screen will adjust itself to variety of monitor sizes including better support for widescreens.

    4. Combining admin bar (in dashboard) with admin header to reduce duplication and save vertical space.

    5. Permalink overhaul - great features -

    • /%postname%/ permalinks without performance penalty
    • /static-slug/%postname%/ permalinks without performance penalty

    • register_meta, new caps, *_metadata_by_mid() (nearly done)
    • Nice to have: WP_Meta_Box (proof of concept posted)
    7. IE7 support might be dropped. It's high time that people stop using IE7. It's no better than IE6.
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