• Windows 8 is exploring a lot of undiscovered territories, the latest being a new concept which aims to merge mobile networking with PC computing. Windows 8 is being engineered to work in a mobile and wireless future, implementing advance in both hardware and software.


    Wireless connectivity has provided for mobility to a great extent but Windows 8 takes that a step further with a fully developed and integrated mobile broadband (MB) as a first-class connectivity experience within Windows. Mobile broadband was introduced in Windows 7, but connecting to your mobile's broadband wasn't an easy task with the requisite of mobile broadband hardware as well as the trouble of locating and installing third-party device drivers. Windows 8 attempts to integrate mobile broadband functionality into the OS without any need of specialized applications from the hardware provider or device drivers to make a successful connection.

    Windows does the job of identifying the mobile broadband subscriber information as well as looking up the mobile operator in the new Access Point Name (APN) database. It then allows the system to connect to the operator’s network, all this without any interference to the user's core connection experience. In case a remembered Wi-Fi connection is encountered, Windows 8 automatically disables the mobile broadband connection and switches to Wi-Fi, avoiding any wastage of data on the mobile broadband. An ordered list of preferred Wi-Fi connections are kept with Windows 8, though if the user manually disconnects from a network, Windows will no longer automatically connect to that network.


    Windows 8 also provides for a faster reconnect with Wi-Fi connections gathering all the needed information before you resume the PC, taking approximately a second to connect to the internet. Windows 8 also allows user the option to purchase a mobile data plan, if the user doesn't already have one.

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