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@Abhishek Rawal • 06 Mar, 2013
I don't have on-field experience as I am not even graduated.

But, Every IT professionals I talked with wanna join TCS.
Born curious,I googled some of stuffs of TCS & suddenly .... Bam !
This article popped :

Please,Read & tell me whether is it true?
@Pensu • 06 Mar, 2013 Unfortunately, it is! And its not just TCS all service companies including CTS, Wipro, Infosys, IBM services etc. all do the same thing. I have a lot of friends in these companies and based on the conversation I have with them I wont say it a waste of talent but working there wont feel like you are doing anything important....😛
P.S: I was offered a job at CTS, didnt join because of the same reason!
@Kaustubh Katdare • 06 Mar, 2013 Troll_So_Hard - there are few things one must understand before forming an opinion. Boredom or frustration at job arises when there's a mismatch between your expectations from the job and the actual job offered to you. Having spent some time in the IT industry, I've experienced a few things which might be relevant to this discussions.

Indian IT industry is a services oriented industry: People usually think services oriented companies don't do any 'interesting' work. I used to think the same; but that's *not* entirely true. The nature of services industry is such that you're expected to execute the work assigned to you by your client. From what I've seen, it's mostly the 'coding / testing / maintenance' work that is sent to India - because we get it done cheap (55x cheap!). Now this outsourced work can be interesting and few of my friends have worked on / are working on really interesting outsourced projects. But the overall percentage of such projects is low (based on a general observation of the industry through friends, and friends of friends).

Innovation isn't the focus, execution of allotted tasks is: In most of the projects, engineers are assigned deadlines to execute tasks allotted to them. That makes them follow tight schedules and I believe that leaves no time to put in creativity/innovation.

Engineers Vs. Coders : One must understand the difference. A coder would be a person who can write code - Java, PHP, C, C++, JS, Ruby and so on. An engineer would be the person who 'engineers' the whole system, sets up architecture, advances technology etc.

A coder would be excellent at writing code; but an engineer has a much more responsibility for the overall product and writing code would just be a part of it. In most of the projects, the 'engineering' stuff is done by the engineers at client's side and coding job is outsourced.

Not many companies work on advancement of technology: Unfortunately, no many Indian IT companies are working on the advancement of technology itself and are focusing on implementing the technology.

Product Companies: For whatever reasons, there haven't been many software product companies that emerged from India. Some say it's the absence of strong local markets like in the US, but that is changing rapidly. There are few companies in India that are developing their own technology to suit their needs. I see a very positive picture in coming days.

My Opinion: Whether one should join TCS, IBM, Wipro, Infosys or other company is a personal decision which should be based on individual's interests. It's true that there are people who had to go without any project for several months ('on bench') which wasn't good to their career. It's also true that engineers are many times assigned for the non-engineering jobs. It's also true that there are engineers who were made to work what one'd call 'data-entry' job.

I personally found myself unfit for the IT industry and decided to mind my own ways. So, as a rule of thumb - figure out where your interests lie and walk on that path.
@Anoop Kumar • 06 Mar, 2013 • 1 like Having bench strength of 15% is a need of service based companies on basis of which they got project from client.
If they are not getting project the whole team+15% bench got scrapped until they got the project.
Problem is service based companies have chance to put bench to do some innovation but why should they spend money and time on them while they able to keep on hold at minimal salaries.
Unfortunately success parameter of service based companies relies on "How can a manager can able to get sign off the project from customers at minimum cost".
manager: Generally they are just like Dilbert's manager.

@Anand Tamariya • 23 Mar, 2013 • 2 likes Different people have different needs. Every individual is given a chance to ask questions during selection process. If you don't see the company a right fit for your interests, don't join it. For people who say services companies are not innovative enough, I'll quote one of my friend - "They want to work on innovative projects when they can't even write a simple "hello world" program".
@avii • 23 Mar, 2013 • 1 like TCS lol. These all companies are big joke 😁

This has been discussed earlier :

Abhishek Rawal
.... Bam !

This article popped :
Just read the article, it's kinda stupid.

1. Do you to make some Data Entry jobs or some teaching jobs?
I mean seriously ?

2. Because you have to stay on chair,computer screen on your eyes & can’t access FB.
As long as I have access to Wikipedia & sites like CE, being on bench can be useful in lot of ways too 😛
@rakeshsivan • 28 Oct, 2013 • 2 likes The IT boom which entered this country some years back is slowly diminishing, except those high color figures from NASSCOM. If look closely watch the top heads from all IT departments, they use words like ‘caution’,'unclear’ about their future IT projects. This is just an eye wash to keep their IT stock values in tact, where as the situation is really unpleasant. Look around and get the facts, the American’s are no longer money-giving-machines (they themselves are in debt in certain areas), the European market don’t present a healthy market for IT, the African side yet to get a strong IT base, and more over the Indian IT workers are not-well-received by many countries in the fear of loss of local jobs.

Now all most all IT firms in India now look for ‘immediate results’ (including TCS), which may present mental shock for some newcomers. I remember many youngsters coming to my center and waiting to quit the company when the bond period is over, which they did anyway ! Again, if you have any self esteem or pride, bury it somewhere and make yourself ready to do anything. Don't expect any humane consideration from those blood sucking project management team. If they smile at you or praise you for some reason, troubles are in queue for sure. They will make you all the dirty things to get the work done and grab all the praise, and somewhere make you the victim of some silly things, to eliminate you.
@Diana Benz • 12 Oct, 2018 • 1 like

Awesome video for all people who are interested in TCS

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