Why no Auro 11.1 or 7.1 audio system in smartphones?

Why not AURO 11.1 for phones?

What’s the future of earphones?

Whether it will be a 7.1 or an 11.1?

All have been using phones and the main additional feature we ultimately and often using is the audio player. Now there are lots and lots of phones out with latest and advanced features but if you take a keen look on the specs we notice that we have not seen newer than 5.1 audio surround. What it makes the manufacturers to not moving to 7.1 or 11.1.Recently film named “Vishwaroopam” has been released with 11.1 audio system and my friends who had experienced the 11.1 surround system said that it was an awesome experience and longing for an another one. So I want to know whether there is any other phone out there with 7.1 or 11.1 audio feature..Is this because of the hardware capability or the companies lagging behind the technology?Can we produce a small air lock earphone with 7.1 where 5.1 is possible?

Feel free to comment. Would you like to have a phone with 7.1 or 11.1 surround audio system and a apt earphone for that.


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