Why Is Finding Complexity Of Algorithms Important In Practical Scenarios?

The obvious answer that comes is for optimizing the algorithm. Complexity helps us determine how much time & space is utilized by the algorithm for execution.

Can someone share how complexity of algorithms helps in practical programming situations? Share examples.


  • Pensu
    Isn't it obvious. I mean you can make a program using 100kb space, but if it can produce same result in 80kb then its better as it saves space. Using the same thing you can say if a solution can provide the result in 80ms than a solution which generates the result in 100ms, the first one is better. We always want to save space and time, as both of them cost a lot...😉. I think a programmer should try to minimize both of them.
    I guess the main question is how to prioritize them, sometime a better time complexity needs more space. Now its tough decide where to compromise.

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