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Vivek Rai
Vivek Rai • Mar 6, 2019

Why dont you guys start a YouTube channel?

1)Start a YouTube channel. 

2) Create playlist of each part of the website. 

3) Ask us subscribe and share the channel. 

@Vivek Rai What kind of content will CrazyEngineers put up though on their channel? A playlist means explanation of each part? I am not too sure..

Vivek Rai
Vivek Rai • Mar 6, 2019

First, we can upload the interviews of various startup founders. Depending on the traffic and subscribers, we can slowly convert page tutorials into video tutorials related to different topics.

If that is a success then we can film our group discussions on various topics and that will bring us more teenagers to view it. Of course it will be interesting as the world is becoming more and more technologically stable. 

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Mar 7, 2019

That's an idea on the radar; but not immediately. There's no point in starting another channel that doesn't add any value. There's plenty of stuff we could offer right on the platform and the next two months are going to be power-packed. 

Perhaps, there could be a way to let our fellow engineers create videos and publish through our channel; where we share revenue. 

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