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@jaspal rautela • 03 Jun, 2014
Why holes are provided in the
disc brake pads?
@Ankush Sharma • 03 Jun, 2014 dear, holes are provided for more heat transfer via convection. So, that the pads would not become more hot and there must not any change in the properties of pad..
@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 03 Jun, 2014 • 2 likes Yes todays modern disc brakes were holed either with drilling or Slotting.The reason for providing holes in disc brakes were as follows:
1) To lessen the heat generation due to friction .The holes help the escape of heat.
2) To avoid gas build up- This is not a problem in new disc brakes but material used in olden days tend to build gas.
3) to avoid slippery of pads on discs during rainy days.The water enter the pads surface and cause slippery.
all the above cases lessen the stopping power. So holes were drilled for specific purpose.

Disadvantage : Weakens the disc strength .

More details on :
@Gurwinder Singh • 06 Jun, 2014 Its called ventilated disk brake they would be able to drain water off and stop in shorter distances. Not only does ventilating work well in adverse weather, but it is also advantageous under normal circumstances as it allows the rotors to cool down much faster resulting in better braking action.

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