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which is the most important software for a mechanical engineer these days?

Question asked by aryarit in #Mechanical on Jun 15, 2012
aryarit · Jun 15, 2012
Member of CrazyEngineers
i want to know that what are the important software a student needs to learn about in the college life to be mostly prepared for a job. Is there any sequence in which these software should be learnt ? and yes one other thing i wanted to know is which software is the most important one?? Posted in: #Mechanical
TheBugInYou · Jun 17, 2012
Member of CrazyEngineers
Delearn before you learn any software...
First understand what does a software does for a mechanical engineer's job...
I as a mechanical job recruiter, am unable to answer your incomplete question.
What do u do.. u r aim.. u r area of interest.. what job are u targeting.. whats u r nearby future plan..

I can name any damn drafting or modelling software's... but it's of no use as far as core mechanical engineering is concerned. U will come to know this very soon.

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