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Which are the best colleges in India for game programming or game developers?

Geeks love video games. And geeks with the blessings and knowledge of technology love to make those video games. But self-taught or professionals, they realize the importance of a certificate when they finally plan to participate in the job market. Especially in India, the demand is increasing but compared to that, only a few schools give you exactly what you are asking out of a game development course.

Since I am starting this post, I should tell you that I don't have a CS background. I came across this very interesting game development course by Michigan State University on Coursera which made me realize, what I was missing! Later on, I caught an opportunity to explore those skills via participating in a competition called Game On, majorly sponsored and created by TCS and thanks to lady luck, Our team of two members survived two rounds ( Planning and Execution) without much knowledge. But that was a good start and something that kept me thinking about the prospects India has on Game Development. But B.TECH in Game Development is rare. So how to transfer one's mere interest into a profession?

These are the top 3 courses in Game Development that you can do offline in India :

1. B.Tech in Computer Science and Game Development: Good news for you. This course from Backstage Pass gaming and technology can give you bachelor degree in game development! It will be a 4-year commitment from your side and you can easily enroll after 10+2 classes. The same institution also offers some graduate and post graduate diploma courses on game design and game development.

2. IACG - BMM in Gaming : Again a 4-year degree course that promises to sharpen your skills and a job at the end of the course. The course overview also boasts about its placement opportunities after the course. Any intermediate or 10+2 passed students can take that.

3. DGDI career course in gaming by MAAC: Although it is not a college course, this is a 2-semester course in which you will be exposed to 3D career modeling and environment design. At the end, they will also help you prepare your portfolio.

Do you know about any other college that provides specific game development courses? Do not forget to write in the comments below.
This post really brings back old memories. I remember the first time I and Debasmita designed a game in Unity engine. Unity - according to me is a very diverse platform in which games are designed now. I will suggest going for courses that offer hands-on training on similar platforms. Also, check out what the alumnus of the college are doing before enrolling in colleges which are completely dedicated to game programming and development.
There are plenty of courses out there at Udacity, Coursera on game programming and development. Udacity has a good tie-up with organizations that even hire outstanding learners once they complete a nano-degree in such programs. Game programming and development is a kind of thing which prioritize perspective than knowledge. Plus it involves and requires expertise in design, rendering, and animations. So, I will suggest going to colleges like that mentioned in this discussion by @Debasmita Banerjee only if you find their programs compatible. For others, try to pick up some training courses and program to figure out whether you are completely made for this or not.

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