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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 3, 2018

What's happening behind the scenes at CrazyEngineers?

I thought I'd give you a quick update on what's happening behind the scenes at CrazyEngineers. Typically, this should be a weekly update so that you all know and maybe we'll have a separate page on the site that you can check or subscribe to. But for the time being, here's an overview -

1. We found out that in order to perfect the search functionality, we'll have to rewrite major portion of the Discussions App. 

While we've tested major functionality - we're still working on ensuring import of the existing content to the rewritten app. Nothing will change on the front size but the back-end logic gets a major upgrade. 

That's keeping us busy, and I'm sure we'll have an announcement ready.

2. Our next app will be the port of our popular 'Founders Circuit'. All the exclusive interviews we had with founders of companies - right from Apple to Instagram - will be brought back in an easy to follow format. We're quite excited about this. The App is ready, and will go live in the next major update.

3. We are seeing a sudden rise in the demand for CrazyEngineers Tees. The shop app is coming; but it will take a few more days (because we are planning to have a much bigger app with variety of products). In the mean time, we are processing orders through special payment links. This is causing delay.

4. The Side Income Pro course which we offered for select users has had a tremendous response - and lot of our time now goes into helping the course takers. We are planning on automating majority of the course - perhaps through a dedicated 'Courses' app on CrazyEngineers. 

We'll keep you posted. If you have any comments - post them below. 

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