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@Ankita Katdare • 03 Nov, 2017 • 2 likes
When I first heard from all of my batchmates who went to TCS that they opt for night shifts for the double pay they got, I was shocked. I have to admit, that it was the guys who preferred the night shift initially, because, well the odd timings did not bother them and they were eternal nocturnals since their engineering college days. But later I found that the straight door to door pickup and drop cab services offered by TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, Cognizant and most other IT companies made sure that even most of my girl friends were also opting for night shifts without much hesitance.

In TCS, night shifts are generally called 'C' shifts. From what I last heard, TCS would provide Rs.
360 per night + Rs. 100 for transport allowance, making it Rs. 460 per night.

@Koushal Patel Hey buddy can you confirm these numbers?

So I hear that the range is anything from Rs. 350 to Rs. 600 depending upon your location and or the company.

PS: Recently I also heard that Amazon offers double pay for working on major Holidays in India (even if in the regular shift) and one of my friend who works there actually never misses working on Holidays and usually compensates for it by taking a holiday or two as per her convenience.

Anyone has any idea how night shift allowance policy is for different IT companies?
@manishks • 03 Nov, 2017 • 2 likes I confirm this. I was working for Wipro in 2015. It's mostly for those who work in shifts. While some companies like Huawei will pay extra for over time or working in night, even when there is no shift.

There are mainly three shifts in most of the cases. Morning, afternoon and night shift.

In all the shifts you get some extra money. Night shift will fetch you the most. Also, it comes with an added advantage of cab facility and sometimes food allowances as well.

There is one more type of shift. The general shift 😀. Regular 8 am to 5 pm job.

Shifts are really helpful for freshers. As the initial salary of freshers in these companies is minimal.
@Satya Swaroop Dash • 03 Nov, 2017 • 2 likes I talked to some of my friends who are working in non-regular shifts and this is what they have to say. One of my friends who is in Accenture says there are four shifts including the regular 10am to 8pm shift. While she remained tight-lipped about the exact figures, she said that they are given night shift allowance as well as cab allowance which is capped at certain rupees per km. You can use your own vehicle and get the allowance or you can use they company’s cab service to travel to work.

My other friend who works for IBM works in what they call as Australia shift which means he has to report at 5am and the shift ends at 2pm. They are given cabs for reaching the office but they use buses to reach their home. Yet again he remained tight lipped about the exact figures. It seems you can never ask a person his allowance let alone his salary.
@Ankita Katdare • 23 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

I recently read that as per the Factories Act, there is no special pay premium for employees working overnight. However, at the same time, it has been provided by law that no employee is supposed to work for more than 48 hours in a week and 9 hours in a day. Any employee who works for more than this period is eligible for overtime remuneration prescribed as twice the amount of ordinary wages

Maybe this is the reason why people in TCS and Infosys  in the night shift seem to be earning double the figures than the others who work in general shift.

Would love if someone can corroborate this information though. 

@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 26 Jan, 2020 • 2 likes

In core engineering stream too, there are night shift allowance and perks given to the people who opt to work in shifts. I dont think there is separate policy for IT industry but as@Ankita Katdare said, people should not be employed more than 48hrs per week.If employed the firm should pay twice the salary for each extra hour worked.Similary a person should not be employed more than 12 hrs in a day and there should be minimum gap of 8hr for the next shift.

@Swarup Pan • 11 Feb, 2020 • 1 like

It differs from company to company.

The basis policy for these kind of scenarios are that the time you spend after the office hours in the office you must be paid accordingly and its you lr extra income.

There must be some constraints that also may vary from company to company.

I am currently working in Infosys Ltd.

There is a policy called 18 hour logic in Infosys.

@Karshil Sheth • 15 Feb, 2020

These are some of the things they are giving:

 5 Days Working (4 International)

- Huge Incentives. (4 Int&Dom.Both)

- Free cab (Both Side). (4 International)

- Internet facility, ATM facility, Salary Account (4 Int&Dom.Both)

- Food Court (Free meal Veg an d Non-Veg). (4 International)

- Excellent Growth Path. (4 Int&Dom.Both)

- Medical facility. (4 Int&Dom.Both)

Timing Details:


Morning Shift-7AM To 3 PM(Australian Shift)

Afternoon Shift-1PM To 10 PM(U.K Shift)

Night Shift-8PM To 5 AM(U.S Shift)

Salary: as follows

For Domestic:-

Basic:-12K -15K In-Hand

+ 2000 Attendance Bonus+ Loyalty Bonus+ variables Incentives

For International:-

Basic:-15k-18k In-Hand

+ 2000 Attendance Bonus+ Loyalty Bonus+ variables Incentive

But this Job is for people who are interested in Backend jobs like Data Entry, BPO, call center etc.

@supriya VN gowda • 25 Feb, 2020 • 1 like

In some companies they will have night shifts. And they will pay nearly 500 rupees extra for each day when compared to others. Even i attended an Epsilon interview and they asked me whether i am interested working in night shifts. They also offered cab facility during night for both gents and girls. 

In TCS some of my friends are working from morning 6 to afternoon 2. They told after their work they can do whatever they wish to do. Like my friends many people like to work during night shifts because of extra pay scale and benefits offered to them. There won't be any traffic early morning so they can reach their home early. Also many companies will have night shifts we should agree to work during shifts if we wish to work in that company. 


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