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What is Project and how to start a project ?

Respected Sir/Madam

                            Iam G.V.M.Krishna from JNTU. Iam currently pursuing Msc aviation a 5 year integrated PG . I've completed 3-2 semester. The management told us to select a project on Aeronautical branch and do it by yourself and after completion of project bring a report and ppt of your project . 

I don't know anything about project and how to start and how many days it will take to complete a project and i want to do it alone . Help me in solving the issue

Aeronautics is an involved complex subject. Difficult to do any serious technical project alone. Maybe you can try to do a survey of some aeronautics related activity.

Recently there is a lot of interest in unmanned large drones being used as taxis. You can study available publications and come up with some suggestions for India.

Have a look at this:

Just for starters your project can be: “ A survey of the potential for using unmanned drones for human transport in congested Indian cities”.

You can consider emergencies, the difficulty of quick movement in traffic jams, ambulance application, police use, evacuation of people from inaccessible areas or fires in skyscrapers. Even regular taxi service from airports and such.

The advantage of small foot print of dronesand absence of wind disturbance from large area rotors common with helicopters can be  put forward.

Survey the literature for information about this at various places in the world.

Add videos, pictures, Chris and such to create an interesting PPT.

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