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vishalhak • Jan 17, 2009

What is IPv6?

can anyone give me a brief description about IPv6
kidiee4u • Jan 17, 2009
can anyone give me a brief description about IPv6

Internet Protocol version 6

Intenet Protocol is used in the Internet Layer of the TCP/IP protocol.IPv6 is the latest version of internet protocol which uses 128 bit address older one IPv4 is using 32 bit address.
maheshvshet • Jan 22, 2009

The IPV6 has come into existance due to the scarsity of the IP addresses. The IPV4 provided at max 2 power of 32 addresses and due to unlimited growth of internet IPV6 was necessary. However it takes time for complete IPV6 era as almost all the protocols (networking - IP ) in existance are written for IPV4 and migration is a pain. Meanwhile the Private IP concept with NAT (Network address translation) has temporarily reduced the need for IPV6.

Mahesh V.Shet😁
sirmvit • Jan 27, 2009
its new 128 bit internet protocol but we are using ip4 coz its support for all the type machine
silverscorpion • Jan 27, 2009
For info about every type of protocols and their versions and all, take a look here:

It's a good site.
saurabh • Jan 27, 2009
I will suggest u to refer the book "TCP/IP Suite- By Behrouz A Forouzan"
There u can comparitively study IPv4 n IPv6......

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