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imnitsy • Jan 31, 2010

What is advanced Quantum Physics ??

hello frnds..
some days before i had seen Transformers2,
as we all know that the robots involve in them are energised by CUBE,

this CUBE provides them a large amount of energy with the help of which they convert them into different huge machines!!

I wonder that from where the cube extract that enormous amount of energy!!!!

Is it really possible to design such cube which provide energy to any electronic device and develop AI in them so that they can react by there own, or more precisely convert themselves to different machines!!!

Also one more important term involved in the muvi was QUANTUM PHYSICS,
is it is same as quantum mechanics ?

and how could our quantum mechanics be so advanced that it can itself produce enormous amount of energy ??😒
imnitsy • Jan 31, 2010
come on CEans say something!!!!

i think quantum mechanics deals with particles, atoms,photons,etc

but am just unable to understand how does a concentrated energy can be provided to any electronic devices such that it converts itself and develop AI in it ??
skipper • Jan 31, 2010
Hmm. I would say that the movie used a "toy model" of quantum physics....

Put it this way, if you see a movie based on comic-books and a line of toys, do you seriously question what the writers have to say about reality, and atoms and stuff, or accept it like you do every comic you read?

Yay for comics, I say...

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