What enables the plane to fly?

explain in brief how does a plane fly what are forces acting on it ,what should be the take off angle??


  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Well I think this will help you a lot

    Have you ever tried it Pls read it and ask some more questions

  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    There is a small difference between cars and planes mechanism.Yes the wings-which will create a pressure difference over the wings which help to lift the planes weight.
    If you notice buggatti veyron there will be a rear spoiler which helps to keep car towards road and avoid the lift of car at high speed.Both are using wings but the difference is their angle.
  • KSS Manian
    KSS Manian

    Check the image for your reference. Center of gravity plays vital role in the time of take off. I am not an expert in aeronatics. I think at the time of take off the "x" mass will be move back side of the aeroplane. Similar to "see saw". If the weight of one side is increased, then the other side should go to the top. Capture
  • Prashant Munshi
    Prashant Munshi
    If you look at the section of an airplane wing, it has an airfoil profile, i.e. roughly plain at the bottom whereas having curvature on the top. (airfoil profiles pictures should be available on the net, search google). When the wind is made to flow over the wing the distance traveled by the wind under the wing is much less due to it being plane (straight) whereas the air above the wing travels more distance over the wing to come to the back edge. This simply means that velocity of the wind above the wing is more than under it. Bernoulli principle says that when the fluid has higher velocity the pressure is less there and that is exactly the science behind the plane is lifted up from the ground since the pressure of the air under the wing gives it the lift. Hope that explains.

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