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Lock-Os • Oct 22, 2008

What devices have you taken apart for fun / Parts / Repairs?

I'm just curious to see what people have taken apart to get at perfectly good parts from otherwise broken items, or just for fun, or to repair something. I've taken apart a drill, microwave, carpet sweeper, water cooler, and a printer all in the name for parts and mechanical knowledge. Other than that, I've actully made minor repairs to many things, including a Laminating machine and today I've repaired my old PS2.

So, what things have you repaired or taken apart for fun or parts?
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 22, 2008
My list goes like this -
  • At age 10: My R/C Cars [ Purpose: to see what's inside. Could not assemble. ]
  • Age 10 - 15 : Many more cars, an old tricycle, friend's R/C cars [ Purpose: to explain my friend(s), how the stuff works. Could assemble 30% of it ]
  • Age 15 - 20 : Electric motor, television, bicycle, 30% of my motorcycle, few of the home appliances. [ Purpose : fun ]
  • Age 20 - 27 : Computer, blog (yeh!), Guitars etc.
Biggie, you've only taken apart the computer after the age of 20? 😛

I've only taken apart electrical and electronic items such as comps, mobile phones, radios and TVs. The closest thing to mechanical devices would be a clock and a bicycle 😛 I did plan to do an engine swap for an old honda civic (with a honda accord engine), but I lack the workshop tools needed 😔

Now armed with a soldering gun and a Rotary drill, I feel I can disassemble and repair any electrical device 😀
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 22, 2008
Biggie, you've only taken apart the computer after the age of 20? 😛
Yep. I got introduced to computers at the age of 17. I always thought something will go wrong if I press the wrong keys [​IMG] . We bought our first computer for about 52,000 Rupees which is 'hell lot of money'!
True that!

I busted the family's sole Hi-Fi radio once by messing with the voltage regulator, and my dad got pretty angry. My uncle fixed it at the end (he's an electrical engineer). I felt shameful that I couldn't fix it at the time 😔 Hopefully I have redeemed myself, haha.
Lock-Os • Oct 23, 2008
Well, I've more or less started just recently at 21. Major problems being mostly due to little brother taking my stuff to act like me and otherwise a lack of parts, tools to do anything with. Yeah, getting into college over took other priorities and school / parents strongly forced my hand. School dropped shop classes, including drafting, as electives and turned it into a program solely for people going for a 2 year degree. Parents promised me that I'd have to wait till college to do what I wanted. Along came college, and either my parents were just making stuff up to get me to do my work in High School, or they genuinely didn't know and thought otherwise.

So I've been trying to make up for lost time by getting into the thick of things. Started off by switching over from Mechanics -> Electronics for the time being. A lot of things that I've taken apart are almost entirely made of electronics so I got mountains of electrical parts to muck around with. Also a lot of good electronics information out here on the web and Radio Shack carries the parts I need. I'll get back to mechanics once I get my own house, and machine shop set up.

On the bright side, I had been making up plenty of engineering projects for myself ever since I was a kid, so by the time I get into full gear, I shouldn't be running out of ideas anytime soon. Also, I do have some basic experience with building furniture from kits that my mom wanted be to build, and doing other minor repair work around the house, so I at least have some idea of things to consider when building and designing, above all else trying to make holes line up where you want them and not striping screw heads (Brass screws... never use unless needed.)
Have you ever had interest in creating robots entirely from existing devices such as VCR's? That'll be fun 😉 I guess being involved in robotics will let you merge your interests in electronics and mechanics 😀

I believe in US, one has easy access to shops selling old equipment at very low prices, such as surplus stores, in addition to any electrical or mechanical component you want!

In Malaysia, unfortunately, its hard to find those stuff.. have to mostly order from US 😔

Oh, and we have a CE robotics project called CE Bot! At the moment progress has stagnated. Feel free to check these links out when you have (lots of) time 😀

- [Project page]
- [Discussions Part 1]
- [Discussions Part 2]
- [Discussions Part 3]

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