15 May 2006

What about the strike..

Hi Pals...

A person is Dying as there is no one to help him out...means there is no doctor is available ito check him ...give him medicine..
Is this right .....??

This must be the thinking of the doctors of Delhi who are going on strike....they are oposing the reservation ....
Am not in favour of the reservation...but is this the right way to oppose them??.. If a son of a minister will become ill ......there will be no doctor to help him??? Then why are they on strike for the poor??
Are poor people of slums are forcing the Amendements???
Is general person is forcing government to file this issue???
Then why they should suffer??
This strike will cause many lives....

This was all about the current situation in Delhi(India)...where Doctors are on strike opposing the reservation...IS this the right way to oppose...

Pour your comments...



Branch Unspecified
22 May 2006
Strike is not the solution but if our doctors couldn't find any other way then wats Government doing??...I mean why the issue is not solved at its earliest.

Its not the patients who are suffering but many innocent doctors have lost their lives coz of hunger strike.

And wat do we expect from our great politicians...Reservation wasn't enough on the top of that they have even stopped media for coverage.

According to me,its Government who should be blamed...watsay??
22 May 2006
For & Against

Strikes have always been a medium of making yourself heard. One can debate on how effective is this medium.

Its true that patients have been suffering a lot because of doctor's strike. But the world sees it differently when doctors go on strike. Lots of lives are at stake and therefore it is attracting lots of attention from media & government (probably).

Overall it seems that government is concerned about its Vote Bank. Whether raising the quota is right solution to help backward classes is a point of debate. Are there other ways of attening socio-economical equality?

We may blame the Government, but its of no use. The question we should ask ourselves is "What can I do or do I have a practical solution for the problem?"

To put it shortly, Shiv Khera says "If you are not the part of solution, you are a part of Problem!". Say what?

-The Big K-
22 May 2006
Its my personal feelings...that this strike is wrong.
Can't they find any other way....In Japan when one group want to go on strike...they doubled their production....and india.....we make our production 0....
Is this difference is ....ok??
what say..?/
i am not blaming doctors....am not saying there lives doesn't cost anything...bt the fact is ...cant they think in some way that government will be bound to ...
Am simply asking is this strike is for all delhites....no difference btw rich and poor.....???
Answer will be no only...

my personal view if you want to go on strike...Do hunger strike...without closing doors....give 24*7 service....without going home...
Government cant bear to loose these much doctors...they will deffinately think on that...
this is my personal opinion....
what say pals...



Branch Unspecified
22 May 2006
In Japan when one group want to go on strike...they doubled their production....and india.....we make our production 0....
well thats Japan not India...i don't think 24*7 service will help 'em....The reason behind the strike is reservation quota...wats their to be in dilemma??...I mean why they(Govt.) don't give it one side...and if its so wrong so why are they not been given justice so that they return back to work...Its ma personal views that they are right!!!


Branch Unspecified
23 May 2006
i dont agree with the doctors going on strike..yes its true that by going on strike they can be heard but they should think abt the poor patients b4 taking up that action.

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