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Abhishek chawda
Abhishek chawda • Feb 7, 2016

Waste Management Information System

Project Abstract / Summary : The prime goal of the system is the management of waste generated(solid,liquid or degradable or non-degradable) and simultaneously providing doable measures for the same. The system will be in two modules. 1) for urban waste management : this will consists of again two parts. a) information regarding waste management at individual level like composting, vermiculture etc. will be provided. b) anyone observing heap of garbage at any place can lodge a complain through the system which will be entertained by respective Municipal Cooperation. A person through system will upload a pic of that place with its basic details like name, its phone number and address of site.
2) second module is for Farm waste management: where a cooperative effect for waste management will be there. Every farmer will purchase some share from a farm waste management(FWM)(say share of Rs.10).This farmer will give its waste to a farm manager who will use this system as an inventory manager to keep track of amount of waste collected and name of that farmer. In return farm waste manager will provide farmer with money according to the quantity and type of it's waste. When an appropriate quantity of garbage will be collected , the Farm waste manager will sell this to some private or govt. cleaning authorities (like Excel in Ahmadabad) which will give money for this. This whole will be tracked through the system. From the money received some amount will be kept for maintenance while rest will be distributed among share holder(farmers) according to their shares.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Agricultural sectors are backbone of India and using IT in such a sector will always a creativity. One main unseen area of agriculture is the waste generated through various activities. The so called waste is of great importance if used wisely. So this influence me to do something to manage this waste both at urban as well as village level.

Project Highlights : 1) It deals with very untouched area(waste management) especially at village level where this waste act as gold.
2) Helps encouraging Cooperative work which is always more beneficial than custom if managed properly(at last profit wins the race)
3) Concept might seems common but dealing practically in agriculture sector is far difficult.

Project Category : CS / IT / Networking
Institute/College Name: College of Agricultural Information Technology, Anand Agricultural University
City: Anand
State: Gujarat
Participating Team From: Third Year

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