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Sahil Badani
Sahil Badani • Jan 16, 2016

Virgin Galactic And Adidas Y-3 Collaborate For Brand New Space Apparel

At Spaceport America in its New Mexico facility, spaceflight company Virgin Galactic was blessed by the Y-3 with a sample of flight suit and space boots. Y-3, the high-end fashion collaboration of Adidas and Japanese design guru Yohji Yamamoto, has struck a partnership with Galactic to design not only its flight apparel, but also the outfits for everyone else at the Mojave. The revealed sample are just the prototypes, but they do accord to the techniques and technologies that Y-3 will utilize.


The flight-suit that was revealed has a Nomex Meta Aramid composition, with some resemblance to kevlar. Flame resistant, rigid, and durable; it is just a tad more flexible than traditional bullet-proof jackets. So it suits perfectly everything: long flight seating and positioning of pilots, persistent movement of the operations and maintenance teams, and even the everyday chores of the hosting staff.

The boots seem fabulous too. Made of lightweight Nomex materials and leather, they provide enhanced grips, and come with special heel inserts to do away with sudden shocks or impacts on board. Safety and comfort have been weighed, measured and balanced carefully.

During the showcase, Y-3’s Senior Director if Design, Lawrence Midwood and Virgin Galactic’s Design Head, Adam Wells were present. Wells expressed his praise for the Y-3’s “incredibly talented” team. In fact, the “pioneering” customers will also, at some point of time, be able to avail the highly customised apparel.

Certainly, the technical know-how of the Y-3 has proven to be extremely useful for the aspirations of the Virgin Galactic when it comes to design; but in the process, the Adidas-Yohji joint venture might as well be able to establish its foothold as the first fashion brand in the field of space.

For Virgin Galactic, the new announcement has arrived only days after it declared the date of unveiling of the new SpaceShip Two to be February 19th 2016. Since the fatal 2014 accident that almost threatened its existence and stature, Virgin Galactic has certainly come a long way ahead.

Source: Virgin Galactic

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