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th3 ied kid
th3 ied kid • Jul 21, 2008

User identifier with dynamic random images

Well honestly am still confused on naming topic so.. herez the thing i want:
Some of the websites image based authentication separate the human user from bot in gmail,yahoo...failing to enter correct pass etc..
Okay suppose i use php/mysql ..5.x version ...with NO cookie..
.. i can generate stringed up images with a code for the user to enter up when form actions to the next page i cross check values.....assume things are pseudo random and stuff...but my point is there any way we can pass
our generated code along the page without posting or getting or sessioning..
Well is there any extra addable header element manipulable using php..etc..
niraj.kumar • Jul 24, 2008
may be u can store the information in some file or mysql database at the time of generating those info ... so it will save time to pass the info ..and u can use this information later on .. when u need it

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