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Upgraded Carat App To Give More Accurate Insights On Battery Usage

Since its launch in June 2012, the Carat application has significantly uplifted battery performance by providing important information regarding personalized energy usage of a smartphone. The AMP Lab spinoff project has supported 851,514 users to get useful statistics, once the app is installed for a week. Till date, the work is an open source project available in Github and downloadable free of cost from Playstore and itunes. All commits having been stacked together, the latest version was launched today with upgraded UI and user-friendly control-flow.

The Carat application takes one week to monitor your performance and tracks the record with corresponding details. The data is then sent to the servers and is subsequently processed and compared using the Big Data technology which helped to draw an inference. The conclusion, however is dependent on perpetual usage and varies from one set of results to the other.


The latest UI sports an orange colored dashboard with 4 options. Among them, “Bugs” give details about applications which malfunction often and might have issues with its configuration details, “Hogs” provides data regarding increased energy usage of certain applications, whereas Action gives user recommendations. The primary screen pops up with a message “Kill App XYZ” or takes an action that might help to save power. It also provides a suggestion that helps a user to decide whether stopping an application will save significant amount of power or not.

On the Dashboard, there is one more feature available named as J-Score which compares your device-specific energy usage with other devices. So, according to sources, if you have a J-Score of 75 that means your phone runs better than the other 3 smartphones out of a total of 4. Keeping reference to the press release, the latest version offers a full-proof support for Android 5.0 and 6.0. This new power-saving customizable application adviser is the output product of a joint collaboration between the UC, Berkley and the University of Helsinki.

Source: carat | University of Helsinki

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