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shaibin k r
shaibin k r • Sep 20, 2010

uncontrolled rectifiers

hi guys, please explain about single phase and multi phase uncontrolled rectifiers with R,RL,and back emf load
faian • Sep 20, 2010
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praba230890 • Sep 24, 2010
You can refer it on "Power Electronics" by Bimbra or Rashid bcoz it is a large theory to explain.......
d_vipul • Sep 24, 2010
really it is a big theory....
or i can give you a link of pdf copy????
you want that???

shaibin k r
shaibin k r • Sep 25, 2010
thank you guys for the help
shaibin k r
shaibin k r • Sep 25, 2010
hi ,can you tell me the link

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