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Twitter Rolls Out Searchable Sticker Tools For Editing Images

While we are bending towards the feature-packed applications, the classics are updating their products with simple tricks that are not-so-new but leaving a controversial mark on the nature of advancements for the sake of customers, taking place on well-known social platforms. Twitter, mother of “140-character” messages, has recently announced their latest update on #Stickers which is expected to add fun elements to your already clicked photos.

Comparing with other chatting apps (eg: Snapchat, Hike, N-gage), many provide decent quality editing tools before releasing the final shots on the chat panels. With such a quick tweak, one can simply add cartoonish clip-arts that also give an extra old school finish to your favorite snaps. Currently these are not available as stand-alone virtual products and need to be over the picture layers. As reported, based on time and tide Twitters will update its stock of stickers that would be crowded with hundreds of rotating stickers, emoji and props ready to personalize your text.


Keeping the logic constant with Snapchat, these stickers could be searched using hashtag. Furthermore, if you click on a particular sticker inside a tweet it will open a window where the rest of the world has used that sticker in their posts. Multiple stickers are allowed and limited modifications got a pass from twitter to work over the same photo. Now this does trigger an old memory of Nokia 6080 which used to prompt a set of 12 unit sticker packs if asked to send a MMS. It surely sounds like a plan to extract the goodness from the already-flipped pages.

The newest edition was launched yesterday and soon, by next week, the same will roll out to engage the users. The first release will be solely targeting only Android and iOS. Also, viewing and selecting stickers option will be available on The complete documentation is pre-delivered on Help documentation.

Source: Twitter

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