Tutorial: Hadoop: Common Terminologies

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Hello guys. Once you have an idea of what Hadoop and Big Data really are, lets have a look at the next important thing and that is to understand some of the terminologies that will be used in future tutorials.

Node :

A node is just a computer system typically a non enterprise hardware capable of storing data. Please note that it is a combination of nodes that lets Hadoop run with each node performing several functionality which I will go through in later tutorials. Diagrammatically a node is just another computer system as below


Rack :

We can add several nodes one after another and this collection of nodes is termed as a Rack. A rack is typically a collection of 30 to 40 nodes physically aligned close to each other and connected via the same network switch.

Important note: Network bandwidth any two nodes on a rack is greater than network bandwidth between two nodes on different racks.


A Hadoop Cluster or a Cluster is a collection of Racks.


So, these were the basic terminologies that must be understood in order to proceed further Do drop in comments in case you have any doubts.

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