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th3 ied kid
th3 ied kid • Jul 28, 2007

trouble unistalling certain softwares

i installed software certain of dragging them out some time later but now i have ended up loosing the unistall button in control panel>add/remove softwares!
well i dont even have uninstall software links in that software !
surprisingly softwares show up in control panel>add/remove softwares but then there is no change/uninstall button to click!
also am afraid of directly deleting them outa drive !
any way i plan a format of drive in some time from now but still am wondering if there is any way of removing them!
LORD_EC • Jul 28, 2007
You can do one thing.
Download some good uninstaller (google it you will find many),and then try to uninstall those prgrams.
Hope this will help.
This is a good free uninstaller. Its small and can run off a USB pen drive too!

Also, there is a class of uninstallers that monitor programs when they are first installed, like what registry changes it did etc. It's a good way to absolutely get rid of the all aspects of the program. You'd need to first tell the uninstaller to monitor the installations and stuff. I havent used it before, but it should avoid any situations of uninstallation problems youd have 😉
th3 ied kid
th3 ied kid • Jul 30, 2007
thanks guys ur suggestions worked !
it wasn't held up too!
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Aug 1, 2007
no prob! Props to LORD_EC's easy solution of just getting another uninstaller software. Didn't know that it would work. The problem sounded pretty scary 😉

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