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niranjana • Nov 25, 2011

Trans Atlantic Project - Eastern Africa To Get Connected To Three Continents

Soon Africa would be connected to three other continents, North America, South America and Europe, by fiber optic cables by the new Atlantic Ocean undersea cable project. This project will be the first Trans Atlantic project would deploy 100 G technology. This is 10 times the capacity of the earlier projects. This will be the first cable of this high capacity to cross the south Atlantic.


The building and operation of this project will be by Wasace Cable Company Worldwide. The total fiber-optic cable length of this project will seven times of the earth’s circumference. This project will make available affordable internet to the Africa, which previously had unreliable and high cost internet access. Africa would now be well connected to the markets of Latin America, North America and Europe. As the image will show, there would be four cable routes connecting the four continents. They will be the Wasace North connecting North America to Europe, the Wasace Americas connecting North America and South America, the Wasace South connecting South America to Africa, and the Wasace Africa connects Angola, South Africa and Nigeria.

The financial support would be provided by private equity investment firm VIP Must and African Development Bank and a number of Brazilian groups. The VIP Must would also provide the media and marketing strategy. The project developed will be managed by US based David Ross Group, which has 20 undersea cable projects with $2 billion investments. The other details of the project like the date of commencement of the construction, or when the different cable routes will be operational, or the company that will be supplying the cable have not been revealed.

Image Credit: Engineering News

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