23 Apr 2012

Things to do with Kindle

I am still not an eReader chap, even though my kids do occasionally try to get me to use one. I still prefer my old fashioned, bulky hand books, various books of tables including the long wearing (will celebrate its century in two years) Clark's Tables. Of course I have not forgotten the collection of hard bound classics and dog eared paperbacks. They cannot do all that Kindle can do perhaps.
In my opinion Kindle cannot hold a candle to the good old library.


Branch Unspecified
6 years ago
Kindle is only a product of today. We can expect to see something more advanced soon (in coming years).
However would like to use an e-book reader once.
I remember I used to think that my uncle is a techno-freak when he used to roam hanging a pager on his belt 😀 Now every has got a mobile 👍

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