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@zaveri • 12 Feb, 2013 • 2 likes
Well this bike by now is extinct. i just came to know about it from an auto magazine.

the beauty of this is that it gave the highest mileage ever, about 86 kpl ! beats even the hero honda splendor !

but yes there were certain shortcomings too: the vehicle would vibrate badly at lower speeds.

also another peculiarity was that the engine generated its maximum torque at a very less rpm, and though the vehicle could be started off from standstill in top-gear, the maximum vehicle speed was limited, because the engine torque would gradually decrease with increase in rpm.

now what do you think went into designing the engine ? had the vibration got anything to with the speed-torque characteristics ?

@lal • 12 Feb, 2013 • 4 likes Sooraj runs on Diesel. After Sooraj was introduced and became a hot seller, Royal Enfield had their diesel variant on the roads - the Bullet diesel aka Taurus. There are many myths that, Sooraj is exactly a Bullet but fitted with a diesel engine. Though the looks do resemble enfield, it is totally a different frame structure that Sooraj employs. Well yeah the vibration myth, it isn't that much a horrible task to drive a diesel machine (I've ridden a diesel Bullet quite a bit). But if you are going to overtake some one on road, it needs to be calculated as precise as launching a rocket 😁 These bikes are not in good terms with the throttle on such a low power engine, simply don't respond. It is decently smooth at a speed of 40kmph to 50kmph like any other bike.

Some people claim to get a fuel efficiency as high as 100 kmpl or even more on these bikes. The varient I drove got an average 65 to 70 kmpl.
@zaveri • 13 Feb, 2013 lal

Hey what you have said about "sooraj", seems to match precisely with what was given in the magazine !

have you really driven this beast ?
@lal • 13 Feb, 2013 No, I haven't driven Sooraj. I haven't even seen it in real more than twice or thrice. But I've ridden diesel bullet quite a little. Both Sooraj and Bullet share the same engine specs. Infact those engines were used for operating pumps in the past 😐 Actually the old local mechanics were the first to retrofit enfields with diesel engines in the past.
@zaveri • 14 Feb, 2013 • 1 like Yeah actually the engine was made by a manufacturer called Greaves Lombardini.

And from the looks of the engine, it didn't really look like it was designed specially for the bike.

By the way the magazine busted the myth that the sooraj was just a re-badged enfield. sooraj was original.
@Ankita Katdare • 14 Jan, 2014 Here is a video of the test drive on Sooraj Diesel Bike -

@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 14 Jan, 2014 It's look partially resemble Yamaha RX100 and Royal enfield but the mileage put this beast ahead in competitions with diesel(CI) bikes. Definitely vibration have some effect on the torque and speed as the vibration tend to be resistive and decrease both torque and speed
@TheBugInYou • 12 Feb, 2014 • 2 likes
Had the vibration got anything to with the speed-torque characteristics ?
Its with all power transmission. Assume you are rotating a hammer with good speed and your friend had put a wodden scale ... you can observe that your hammer still rotates well by pushing the scale away from its path. Now if you rotate the same with a very lowest possible speed... as soon as it hits the scale it distorts from its rotation path by injuring you.. or the scale can even break... as the hammer just hits and puts all its load on that and fall away... WHY?
the WHY i mentioned above is exactly what you have questioned.

Lower speeds transfering higher torques will always create a vibration... why does any damn vehicle vibrate a little more in its first gear than in its 3rd gear... is because of this.

For your further research... or thinking.. what if there is a case where we need to transfer higest possible torque at very low speeds??? Yes there are cases where its very much required in applications like overland conveyors... which have a very high initial tourqes but very low rpm... even few expensive cars also wont make any vibration in the first gear also.. why... ?? Will get back to you after you reply with your understanding research.....

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