20 Sep 2015

The Great Indian Call Drop Issue - What's The Fix?

I'm trying to understand the call drop issue that's making buzz in the Indian telecom industry. I personally have been experiencing totally bad call quality and frequent call drops on the Idea Cellular network. I first thought it could be the congestion that's causing the issue; but the real issue seems to be the inability of the telecom operators to put the towers at the most prominent locations.

Can someone post a clear explanation of what's going on, what the problem and the solution?


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3 years ago
All I can think of are bandwidth limitations and less capable transducers. Bandwidth could be one big issue, India being one of the countries with most number of cellphone users.

While on less popular, and hence less conjusted, networks I have never experienced call drops. Even I felt like the voice quality being far superior.

There is a tradeoff between quality and coverage. The transducer can be made to have a wider coverage with lower quality and vice versa for the same power; if I am remembering the old communication lessons correct!

Hope to hear more from our crazy communications engineers.

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