Tesco Hudl Tablet Specs And Price Say, "Technology Isn't Too Expensive Or Intimidating"

Tesco, the British multinational, the company we best know for having built the world's first virtual store where commuters buy groceries via their mobile phones in South Korea, has come up with a new tablet for its millions of customers called the Tesco Hudl tablet. This all new Android tablet features a 7-inch scratch-resistant HD screen with 1440 x 900 pixels resolution that displays beautiful pictures at 243 pixels per inch and lets you watch movies in 16:9 widescreen. Running the Jelly Bean flavor of Android - the 4.2.2, the Hudl tablet is powered by 1.5 GHZ Quad Core processor.

Featuring dual-band Wi-Fi, the company has an opinion that users will find Hudl a great companion for their needs, from films, music and TV through to staying in touch, learning new things, shopping and playing games. Offering up to 9 hour video battery life, the Hudl Tablet specs tell us about storage with 16GB of memory which can be extended to 48GB. There is the Micro-HDMI port in place and support for Bluetooth 4.0, GPS bundled with this tab. Overall the tablet looks nice with its sleek design and a durable, matte, soft-touch finish that offers better grip.


Tesco Chief Executive, Philip Clarke, comments, "Hudl is a colourful, accessible tablet for the whole family to enjoy. The first stage in our tablet offering, it's convenient, integrated and easy to use with no compromise on spec. Customers are quite rightly very discerning about the technology they buy so we knew we had to be competitive on all fronts. Being online is an increasingly essential part of family life and whilst tablets are on the rise, usage is still quite limited. We feel the time is right for Tesco to help widen tablet ownership and bring the fun, convenience and excitement of tablets to even more customers across the UK. The digital revolution should be for the many, not for the few."

Coming in four colours - black, blue, red and purple, the Tesco Hudl tablet is available to buy in store and online (on Tesco.com and Tesco Direct sites) from 30 September and will retail at £119. The company is stressing on the point that Hudl has been designed as a family tablet. When users switch it on for the first time, there is a screen which gives advice on how to put in place measures to protect children. The tablet is coming with a bag full of accessories, that include Soft touch cases in 6 different colours at £15 each; 2 choices of leather cases at £20; earphones; a screen protector; an in car charger and Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, bright bumper case and headphones designed especially for kids.


  • Jibak Baksi
    Jibak Baksi
    Flickr, Tumblr, ….and the list goes on… It seems that removing E’s have become a trend setter of the current times? But the inclination for E-free brand names may have just hurdled the double-dealer, because Tesco, has joined the bandwagon. Catastrophically, they haven’t rechristened themselves Tsco. However, funny enough, they did name their new tablet ‘Hudl’, and put a little Macy’s-like star at the peak of its logo, as if expressing regret at the lack of an E.

    Perhaps the E was removed from ‘Huddle’ so it didn’t sound too much analogous to ‘Kindle’, which is tongue-in-cheek for associations with Kindle Fire certainly didn’t constrain Tesco when designing the product itself. A full-bodied 7-inch rectangle, running Android and conspicuously heftier to hold than superior products like iPad Mini: so far, so Kindle Fire – only that Hudl has a sharper resolution than Amazon’s current 7” range (with the exception of the much-hyped Fire HXD). Even Hudl’s RRP, £119, seems a pain-staking reconciliation between the current rates of the Kindle Fire (£99) and Kindle Fire HD (£159).
    Where would these two products really be at variance? Here’s the crucial alteration… instead of launching the Amazon store from the homepage you may – do you really know what? – launch a Tesco app. Huh! Isn’t that uproarious?!
    To be non-discriminatory, there’s much much more to it than just that. Tesco’s online proposing unaffectedly rivals Amazon’s. Blinkbox; the film and TV streaming service they subscribed last year, is bundled in - just as Amazon’s Lovefilm is on Kindle Fire. Ensuing Tesco’s purchase of online music retailer We7 last year, Hudl users may as well, download music from Blinkbox Music. And lots of music, too - not just that Nadine Coyle album Tesco ‘selectively’ distributed to..err… well nobody back in 2010.
    When you consider the unpunctual digital strategies of their rivals, Tesco stays miles ahead. Morrison’s website still says, ‘Great news! Our online grocery store is on its way’. So that’s what’s in it for Tesco. But what’s in it for the users, who have plenty of economical Android tablets to cherry-pick from?

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