Swapping Fuels: Gasoline And Diesel?

This thread is dedicated for the question asked by CEan-mreccentric to me via private conversation.
Hi Issue...
Can you also give me the info why diesel wont work in petrol engine and vice versa?
Why we cannot use diesel in in Petrol engines and Petrol in diesel engines is a common query. The answer to this puzzle lies in how the power releasing function is performed in each of these engines and the other is how the fuels are ignited.
Let us deal with this problem step by step.

Ignition of Fuels
You are aware of the fact that in petrol engines, fuel is supplied with the help of a carburetor responsible for supplying correct quantity of air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Later on a spark is given. It must be noted that the ignition point of Gasoline is 40°C-190°C.
In case of Diesel, the ignition point of diesel is comparatively high. That is why air is first compressed to high temperature and pressure, and lateron, the diesel is sprayed.
The ignition point being 190°C-340°C.
So the processes in which the combustion of the respective fuel takes place make sense.

Why Any of Them is Employed?
Petrol engine works on Otto cycle and the engine is designed for a low compression ration 7-11 or so. While the diesel engine is made for a higher compression ratio 16-22 or so.
If you are swapping the fuels, definitely the efficiency of engines is going to get adversely affected.

Well the answer to mreccentric's question is mostly dependent "For which fuel has the engine been designed?" You see that there may be many aspects to the question. I am only explaining which I found correct.

However, it isn't that no body can replace the two fuels, special engines which can run on both Gasoline are developed by NATO forces perhaps in Iraq or Afghanistan. Just Google it and you might find it out.

Also check #-Link-Snipped-# may be it interests you all.


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