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raja_karthick • Mar 31, 2016


Project Abstract / Summary : In India rail travel for the physically disabled people has always been a memory of resentment.The current scenario is that a special coach is allocated for physically disabled persons known as SLRD coach,in each train for their ease of travel. But right from the elevated stairs for the coaches allocated for them, the isolation of SLRD coach from other coaches thus making them inaccessible to the pantry, improper placement of the restroom, normal people travelling in the special coach allocated to them during season time illegally etc.., are some of the major problems faced by the disabled people in while travelling in trains. Our project aims at addressing the above mentioned problems with possible solutions such as entry monitoring system with the help of smart cards, wireless food ordering and a modified setup of the toilet using embedded electronics.So the overall objective is to design a completely automated coach for the physically disabled people. We have started by developing a prototype model.The base study and the details of the proposed solutions along with 2D models of our project are published in IJARTET journal and the link for our journal paper is

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Once i was travelling from chennai to my home town by train and while boarding the train i happened to see a physically disabled person (leg amputee) trying to board the train with great difficulty. This was the triggering point and the ideas for other issues came after doing a literature survey.

If our project is implemented, it will help the physically disabled people to have a much better and comfortable train journey.

Our ideas are applicable to all physically disabled people other than the blind, so our future idea is to include this module also.

Project Highlights : Electronics and automation has greatly assisted for the development of mankind and in railways there are many facilities to ease the travel of normal people. But better facilities for the physically disabled people, especially within the railway coach are still unimplemented in the Indian railways.

So our project aims for a better welfare for the physically disabled people and makes them have a happy and comfortable train journey.

Since our project aims to solve a social issue, a win in this contest will help us to have a better reach and using the prize money, we can develop a better prototype model providing solutions for the problems faced by the blind also.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Participating Team From: Final Year

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