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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 30, 2010

Small Talk with Mr. Hari K. Prasad – Hacking The Indian Electronic Voting Machine

We've published Small Talk with Mr. Hari K. Prasad Founder & Managing Director of NetIndia Group of Companies who led a team of researchers to demonstrate that Indian Electronic Voting Machines can be easily hacked.

Check out the small talk here -> Mr. Hari K. Prasad – Hacking The Indian EVM - CrazyEngineers

Your questions, comments all in this thread 😀
Manish Goyal
Manish Goyal • Jul 1, 2010
very strange ,voting machines don't even use basic cryptography.😕

and still there are claims that it is full proof .😕
Its nice to see the small talk!

Yeah The EVM's are hacked its an open secret as per the election results of our state AP. They proved it.That's wonderful 😀
Very nice interview. Thats the open secret proved now.
Done a good job Biggie.
gaurav.bhorkar • Jul 3, 2010
That was an interesting read. Indian people can only hope that the government reverts back to ballot paper, or make the use of tamper proof EVMs.
Mr.Don • Jul 27, 2010
Hey,I had already seen prasad sir in TV9 nice to see him here too.Good Interview.

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