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A single stage reciprocating air compressor is an air compressor which carries out compression in a single stroke or stage. the compressor body is similar to the piston-cylinder arrangement. the compression action is carried out by the piston whose motion is controlled by a crankshaft and connecting rod. to control the torque produced by the morion of the crankshaft a suitable flywheel is attached to it. thus uniformity in compression is obtained.


there are two valves(differential pressure type), one being the suction valve and the other the delivery valve, fitted on to the cylinder. let us consider the piston to be at the top dead centre(TDC) of the cylinder. at this point, volume in the cylinder is zero. due to the motion of the crankshaft, the piston begins to move downwards,thus creating a pressure less than atmospheric pressure outside the suction valve. this pressure difference causes the suction valve to open and air is sucked in, which pushes the piston further. thus this motion is called "THE SUCTION STROKE".

Once the piston reaches the bottom dead centre(BDC) the motion of the crankshaft causes it to move in the upward direction. all this while the suction valve remains open. during compression, there is a stage where a pressure slightly greater than atmospheric pressure is obtained, this is when the suction valve closes. this state is obtained within the intermediate position of the piston. the delivery valve is connected to the reciever. when the pressure of the compressed air is equal to or greater than the pressure at the recieving end, the delivery valve opens and the air is delivered. thus this stroke is called "THE DELIVERY STROKE".

the piston operates at very high speeds and the force applied on the cylinder by the piston is very large reducing the life of the compressor. thus to avoid this, a small amount of curvature is provided to the top section of the cylinder, which also protects the valves from damage by the high impact motion of the piston.thus there is a small amount of volume developed between the piston and the top portion of the cylinder at TDC. this volume is known as clearance volume. however clearance volume also has a disadvantage; being, the amount of air that will be sucked in for compression reduces as compared to the original design, thus reducing its efficiency.

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Good answer. But the advantage and disadvantage was messing.

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Redirected a twitter query here. Hoping that this P-V diagram helps someone.

In single stage reciprocating air compressor, the entire compression is carried out in a single cylinder.


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