Single phase induction motor - time taken to achieve max speed

In fan and Motor pump we use single phase induction motor....when the switch is ON ...time taken to reach maximum speed is different for motor pump and fan ......In motor pump maximum speed is achieved at the instant of switching ....but in case of fan ,small time is taken to achieve the maximum speed ...what is reason??? is it because of presence of capacitor used in ceiling fan motor ???? or any other ???


  • a.alandkar
    The capacitor used with Fan is for the starting torque issue.
    here... you require to know what motor is a induction motor and universal motor.
  • vamsi kancharla
    vamsi kancharla
    the designing of any machine depends up on the time constant that we keep if time constant is less the machine gain its speed quickly if time constant is high the machine takes more time to reach its normal speed and more over in induction motoe due to rotating magnetic flux it takes some time to reach its normal speed

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