Ships To Remain Stable In Waves By Creating Inner Counter-Waves

Staying on ships would be an awesome experience as long as you can tolerate the constant wobbling of the ship because of the waves. But this movement causes several problems when the staff on the ship has to perform tasks - like installing or servicing drilling rigs. It's important for the ship to remain stable in the pitching seas. A new boat is being built to remain stable and it does it so by creating counter waves inside its own hull! The system is called 'Offshore Accommodation Vessel' which has water-filled tanks at the bottom of the ship. In the cross-section, these tanks will be in U-shape (and that's why they're called U-tanks).


These tanks are operated by air valves so that the flow of water into the tanks is regulated. By controlling the flow of water, the overall movement of the ship can be controlled so that it remains stable. Check out this video of the model in a test tank that shows how it all works.

In addition to the U-tanks, the ships will be equipped with azimuth thrusters - propeller drives with directional control. This will ensure that the ship remains in stead position when in 'hotel mode'. These thrusters will counter the movements of the ship because of external forces from waves, water currents and winds. The system is coupled with GPS sensors so that the movement of the ship is accurately measured.

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  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    I want to ask one question.Does this mechanism reduces the speed of the ship as it forces pressurised water to make the ship stable?How much extra power we need to that?So does inter counter valves hinder steering of ships?please reply.

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