16 Jun 2018

SCR battery charger, getting in to series connection

Dear friends,

I have two 48v battery chargers, with input transformer and SCR power circuits, charging / floating 2 sets of 48v batteries independantly. 

There is no load connected at all.

If the positive terminal of one battery gets electrical connection with negative terminal of the other battery,

what will happen, will it continue charging / floating the batteries, or the protection circuit will get activated?

16 Jun 2018

If the outputs of the two chargers are isolated, that is, there is no ground reference between them, then there should be no problem. Unless the circuits of the chargers are given it is difficult to comment.

16 Jun 2018

Thank you sir. 

I will practically check and see it.

16 Jun 2018

Adhe correct Anu.

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