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babloo0311 • Jan 30, 2009

Saving WOrld!

Hello CEans,

Welcome to one an all. All CEans are innovative in one or the other way.
We all are trying to reach beyond the sky , i am glad for it. We have to talk about basic issues that are going around the world. If possible things happen near you and what sort of ideas can sort out that issues. So all CEans can support and give hand to sort certain issues.

We actually losing the natural effect of the earth, and making lots virtual.

Just join me to talk the basic facts and issues and lets CEans join to give suggestions for that issues.

So I hope most CEans join me to do save this world at 1% level or just say maximum of it.

Heal the WOrld!
babloo0311 • Jan 31, 2009
Hello CEans ,

lets start of with global warming .
what all the issues about it, how to over this.

CEans just post what all you know about global warming and how to over those.

one thing i would like to tell " when there is no land to cultivate trees, there is no food to consume " . i guess

got it.
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Feb 5, 2009
Nice thread babloo.

Believe it or not, a major cause of global warming are electrical generating power plants, such as coal fired ones. And, we all know that they only generate to equate the population's demand.. nothing more, nothing less.

So, that means we ourselves have some sort of control over how much the power plants generate! Save electricity, CEans 😀

(Las Vegas is a good example of extreme electricity usage/wastage, and they aren't even manufacturing anything)
babloo0311 • Feb 12, 2009
Thanks ash that you have joined the thread,
So ash , usage of electricity is less, we can sort this problem atleast to some level is it.

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