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safe distance between water well boundry and Column footing boundry

Dear Sir.

Im going to start constructing new house. Structural engineer has provided me the drawings for column footing (5'6" x 5'6") at the depth of 6 feet from NGL. But this coloumn footing one side is exactly touches the water well outer diameter.

Is there is any safe distance need to be kept between water well boundry and Column footing boundry?? Please advice
If it is the usual domestic well with a small (5 to 6 ft) diameter and side walls supported by cement rings or brickwork, it may not matter.
I am not a civil engineer.
Boundaries of column footing should not touch any water body boundaries or deep holes, atleast one feet distance should be there at site.
Ask your structural engineer to redesign the footing by considering that well's position on the drawing
Usually, an additional raft beam will be provided between the footings nearby well to avoid the settlement problems

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