• theAvinash


    MemberAug 5, 2013

    Run time Timeout error

    I have written a procedure to insert more than 600+K records from one table to another. But while executing the procedure in VBA code I am getting 'time out' run time error. Error is occuring becoz it is taking more time. It works fine if I execute it maunally on SQL Server. Any suggestions to avoid manual intervention....
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  • sookie

    MemberAug 27, 2013

    I am not sure about VBA code but may be Connection Timeout might be very less value. Try increasing that value if this property already exists else add this property and set appropriate value.

    Also, are you sure your procedure is executed by only single thread at run time? If that is not the case you should handle connection pooling.

    Connection settings in the code should be able to handle this issue.
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